How we started…

​​Phillip Zhangi III 

 Danny Sinclair and Phillip Zhangi III founded the Debonaire House in Santiago, Dominican Republic.  Phillip has been in the cigar business for over 25 years.  He was the founder of Indian Tobacco and partners with Rocky Patel in that company.  After selling out to Rocky, Phillip started his own cigar company, called the Debonaire House.  He is partnered with Danny and together they run one of the finest cigar businesses in the world.  Their Debonaire Solomon cigar is a world class tasting cigar.  They also make machine made cigars, like Backwoods from lower quality tobacco and the trimmings from the premium hand mades.  Nothing is ever wasted. They utilize 100% of the tobacco.

     The Debonaire House is a small company.  They made just over 2 million handmade cigars in 2014.  Unlike larger companies, that would just put our logo on a batch of their cigars in common with several others with no difference or distinction; The Debonarie House has custom made a specific blend for the Cattle Baron Cigar brand.

     This blend took over a year to develop.  Bryan was very specific about the flavor profile.  He met with Phil and Danny several times and tried several different blends.  Phil worked diligently with his team in the DR. 12

Bryan Mussard

Bryan Mussard makes his home in Dillon, Montana with his wife Marcia.  He and his family own and operate Reminisce Angus Ranch.  Along with raising some of the world’s finest, high marbling Angus bulls; they make the award winning, gluten free, 93 point rated Gorgeous Vodka.  Gorg​eous is a potato vodka, that is impressing the pallets of discerning vodka critics around the country.​​

     They also are very proud of their highly 91 point rated Cattle Baron Cigars.  Mussard has been a cigar lover for over 30 years now.  His path crossed with the well known Phil Zanghi III in 2014.  Mussard wanted to make the best cigar in the world.  He jokes that he is a recovering perfectionist, but this skill or vise has paid off with the quality of all his businesses.  It took 2 long years to put the Cattle Baron blend together.  After 12 blends, lucky #13 was the right one. 

    ” I took one puff and told Phil, “this is it. We got it.”

     Once the blend was right they went right to work to come up with a classic Early Americano band and box worthy to be placed on this fine cigar.

     Cattle Baron has 5 sizes. They are all the same blend and smoke like a family. We have had several aficinados compare our cigar with the Monte Cristo #2.  “That is humbling to me, because I consider that, one of the best cigars in the world.”

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